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'In-law" Additions

Entrance to In-law suiteKeeping Families Together

For many years REALTY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES has been helping families to stay together by building "in-law" additions and apartments onto either existing homes or incorporated into our new home plans.

All of our additions are custom designed and built using the same high quality, name brand specifications and standards that are featured in all of our new homes. Whether you prefer a completely accessible bathroom or just a "comfort height" water closet and grab bars we can meet your specific tastes, needs and requirements.

Watch your addition become part of your home as you work with our designer. You will see the plans in full three dimensional color on our computer assisted design program. Any changes or considerations you have will be made right as you watch.





handles all phases of your addition:

   Permits    Design
   Engineering    Construction
   Sell an Existing Home    All Your Construction & Real Estate Needs


The Process


Before In-Law Addition


After In-law Addition

The permitting process for an "in-law" addition is far more arduous and involved than for most complete houses. This is partly due to the fact that there isn't any permitting uniformity, and regulations vary on a town by town basis. REALTY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES will handle the entire process on your behalf.

Please feel free to give us a call today for a no obligation consultation. Come see our fully furnished model home with an "in-law" addition and discover how we can meet your needs. We would be happy to discuss all the specifics with you.